My name is Zach, Owner and Curator of Alexander and Rose.

I’ve spent most of my life working in the hospitality industry for some of Canada’s best restaurant and bar companies in both Edmonton and Winnipeg.  In 2018, I decided to step back from what was comfortable and dive into one of my biggest passions; the world of Antiques and all things Mid-Century.

Growing up I always had a passion for interior design, as a kid I was obsessed with the old Hollywood charm of the 1950’s.  I loved the family trips to Palm Springs where I could immerse myself in the architectural wonders of  the Mid-Century design period!

I have taken great inspiration from my grandmother Dorothy who was a woman of class and exceptional taste... and let’s face it, a bit of a diva with her hundreds of handbags, clothing and jewelry!  It was the style of her home and collection of beautiful pieces that I inherited, where my passion began.

When I left the world of restaurant management I began working for my mums Estate Management Company in Edmonton. I was exposed to amazing collections all while greatly expanding my knowledge of the history and value of thousands of items, brands and time periods.  Now I spend my days treasure seeking, buying and curating classic elements to bring to today’s contemporary home design!

I love that the items, the art, and pieces we find can be given new life in our everyday lives and continue to bring enjoyment to people and maybe even spark conversation at your next dinner party!

Stay tuned for what’s to come! And thanks for all the support!